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The artist JODI KRONMANN is an overseas beauty, born in Bolivia and grew up in a small country in United States. Nowadays she lives in New York where she works as model and actress. She is also known among the public with the nickname of Bolivian Doll because of her typical bolivian beauty.  With her interview we discover news about Bolivia, where she was born, and also update concerning the "Big Apple".

I: Jodi, you were born in SANTA CRUZ in Bolivia but you grew up in USA. Have you ever visited Santa Cruz and what do you suggest to see in this city?

J: Yes, I have visited and would recommend it as a travel destination. It has an amazing mix of cultures from all over the world that shows in the people, food and culture. The climate is tropical so the flora and fauna are like I have never seen. Amazing flowers and fruit trees and tropical birds are in abundance everywhere. There is a cosmopolitan lifestyle but also a country charm right outside the city that is worth a day trip to do some sight-seeing. The airport is international and takes you right to the city for ease of travel.

I: Jodi, do you have some particular memories about the city you grew up in USA you wish to tell us? What can you suggest to do if a tourist visits it?

J: I grew up in a few places. I would say if you are going to only visit one place in the U.S. aside from NYC, then go to the southwest. I spent a good number of years there growing up and there is no where else like it. The geography is completely unique to our country as well as the rugged "cowboy" culture. There are old western towns, rodeos, working cowboy ranches and Native American communities that captured the imaginations of many American novels, movies and works of art. It's almost best traveled by car and go from hotel to hotel, once you fly in so that you can see everything from the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon, but be prepared for very long drives, our southwest is big!

I: Jodi, actually you live in NYC for your job. What are the places you reccomand to visit in this big city?

J: The best museum in the country and my favorite is on 5 ave and 81 street right in CENTRAL PARK and that's the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. The works of art rival any museum in the world and the museum itself is a beautiful NYC icon. Being next to the best and biggest park in the city you can lunch in a cafe inside the museum next to Tiffany glass installations and Rodin sculptures while overlooking Central Park. Afterwards I would suggest taking a horse and buggy ride through the park perhaps stopping at the PLAZA HOTEL which was recently renovated and in my opinion is the most beautiful hotel in the city. They have a wonderful lobby with a very trendy bar you can have a cocktail in. If you come to NYC you should also visit WALL STREET to see first hand the buildings and people that drive out countries economy and of couse please visit the 9-11 memorial which is at the site of the old World Trade Center and say a prayer for the innocent New Yorkers who lost their lives in our city's greatest tragedy.

I: Jodi, what do you do in your spare time in NYC? Do you like mostly a restaurant, pub, disco or other where you spend your free time?

J: The best places to go for fun and to meet people are probably in the meat packing district which is on the west side lower-mid Manhattan. There are fun cafes for dinner before you go to one of the many clubs, bars and beer gardens in the neighborhood plus a great diner that's open late to grad something greasy and typical American to eat after a night of drinking and dancing before you turn in.

I: Jodi, have you ever visited Italy? What do you think about this Nation?

J: I did a bunch of years ago with my family. We stopped on a cruise in Bari and Venice. Firstly I have to say the food was beyond amazing. Everything your country has such an outstanding reputation for I found to be true. The buildings were so charming and the people beautiful and fashionable and quite warm and friendly. I really enjoyed my time there, my only regret was it was way to short of time and I wish I had seen more.

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