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She is very young, very tall, very beautiful. All these adjectives represent the sporty CIARA MICHEL. This year the english volleyball player is playing in the volleyball italian female championship with the notorious team Unendo Yamamay Futura Volley Busto Arsizio. Someone says she is like an "octopus" because her block is everywhere, infact she plays very good in the role of Middle Blocker. Although she is so young, she has a big professional experience gathering among the fields of Miami, Amburgo, Melbourne and London where she has represented the english national team during 2012 Olympic Games. Find out what she said in this interview.
I: Ciara, you were born in the quiet town of TAUNTON, Great Britain. What can you notice in this area?

C: I was born in Taunton, but in fact grew up in the even smaller town of SOMERTON. My memory of these places are of rolling green hills from here to the horizon, scattered with cows and sheep, and tractors rumbling slowly down intersecting country roads. We would often play in barns and climb hay bails, ride horses through the forests, and even roll around in the mud with the piglets in summer. As far as places that attract many tourists, I wouldn't know where to begin. The only local gem I remember is STONEHENGE, which is an ancient marvel, and a must-see for any traveller through the area.
I: Ciara, currently you play in Italy, but you represent also the english national team. When you go to London, how do you spend your free time outside the gym? 

C: I represented Great Britain for 2 years, including as part of the host nation team at the 2012 Olympics. London during this time was an amazing place to be; buzzing with energy and excitement, and since then I will never see it the same way. For me, it will forever be the place where my dream of becoming an Olympian was made a reality. I am in London only a few days a year, and when I go I spend most of time with my aunts and cousins, or in the few bits of green in the parks scattered throughout the city. 
I like to explore and get lost on my own, which is easy to do in such a big city, and find myself somewhere to drink a coffee, listen to music and people-watch.

I: Ciara, you have played in various countries such as Australia, Germany and USA. Have you found differences between these states? And what did you like most about each country?

C: My favourite place is still Australia.
I fell in love with the people and culture, and felt really at home there. There is a laid-back, friendly atmosphere which corresponds perfectly with the fantastic weather. MELBOURNE, where I spent the majority of my time, is a vibrant, cultural city with enough variety for the taste of every traveller: art, music, beach and nightlife. In Germany I spent most of my time in AACHEN, KÖLN and HAMBURG; I found many beautiful architectural feats, and their passion for beer is unrivaled, but the food left something to be desired (especially in comparision to Italy!). The level of volleyball in USA is the highest of the three and living in MIAMI is quite an experience in itself!

I: Ciara, if you had to choose another state in order to pursue your volleyball career, where would you go and why?

C: I am really happy so far here in Italy, so if I am lucky I can stay several years. There are only several countries, such as Turkey and Azerbaijan which have an equal or higher level of volleyball, and more money available for players, but the all-around lifestyle in Italy is unrivaled. I enjoy prosciutto crudo with buffalo mozzarella for lunch every day!

I: Ciara, do you have a favourite holiday place?

C: I love to find new "favourite" places, so anywhere with sun and sand is a good start! I loved PANAMA, in the rainforest where my sister had her wedding. Surfing and skydiving in CAIRNS and then diving the Great Barrier Reef were unique and amazing experiences. I also had a great time on a cruise in the Caribbean with friends during university. Next on my list is an African safari and a sushi excursion in Japan!

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