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From the close Greece it is attained in Italy this year one of the best european middle blocker: MARIA LAMPRINIDOU. Currently this young girl is playing in the italian woman volleyball championship by the VOLLEY 2002 FORLI' team but she is proud of her volleyball career obtained through greek competitions and 2012/2013 french championship where she has been declared "best block". Waiting this year for the same title, actually we can proof something more about Greece, her motherland, through this precious interview.

I: Maria, you were born in Mitilene, a city that has an important history. Can you tell us what it is possible to visit and in your opinion what are the best and beautiful shores in this town?

M: MITILENE is the state capital of the island LESVOS, the third bigger island in Greece, facing Turkey. We had been a domain of an italian family, Gattilusio from Genoa to be more precise, who had built the fortress that nowadays surrounding the hills.
In addition to Castro, we still preserve something from Italy, infact lot of our greek words finished in "li" as in italian. Without doubt we still have also a turkish influence, not only for a geographic proximity but also for historic reasons because the island had been dominated by the Ottoman Impire for around 500 years till first years of '900. Noteworthy there are the roman aqueduct and theatre. The story of our island can be noticed in our archeological museum while the story of our culture can be found in our folklore museum. Lesvos is a tourist island but maintains the serenity and the beauty of the nature. All this is perfect for family holidays.
In my opinion the best beach of the island is VATERA, it is very important for me because it is next to the village of my father. It is situated in the south of the island and it is the biggest. Because of its geographic position, this beach is protected by the summer winds so there aren't big waves. The colour of the sand is dark but the sea is always crystal clear.

I: Maria, apart Mitilene, are there other important places on the Lesvos island that you suggest to visit?

M: Must to see: MOLYVOS is located on the north of the island and it is one of the most beautiful village in Greece. The sunsets of Molyvos are unmatched. The harbour area is full of traditional taverns where you can eat fish and drink ouzo, the national cocktail of which we are the best producers. The houses architecture of Molyvos denote the turkish style and their façades have stone colours. ERESSOS is the village where the poetess Saffo was born and in the past it has had a strong tourist development, especially by the lesbians who consider the role of the poetess as a freedom model.
At the beginning there has been suspicion and sometimes discrimination by people, but fortunally the world is evolving and there is mind-changing, so nowadays the hospitality is higher. Another unequalled place is the stone forest that is extended across ERESSOS and SIGRI. Lesvos is an island with volcanic origin and millions years ago an eruption of Ordymnos volcano had implicated forests, oaks or plane trees. The hydrotermic energy had trasformed the plants' life substances into stone.

I: Maria, what kind of restaurants, pubs or discos do you like more?

M: I recommend PARASOL in Eressos, it is famous for cocktails you can drink while you are dancing or listening to latin-american music on the seaside. In Molyvos I prefer CONGAS. This city has a half-round position, infact from this pub, placed on the seacoast, you can look at the village on the hills.

I: Maria, do you like other Greek islands? And why?

M: The islands in Greece are different from each other but they have their beauty and charm. Shores are distinct by kind of sand and colour of water. I adore the greek sea because in my opinion it is the best. You can find islands with a funny and amazing night-life but for my holidays I look for sea and nature above all. This year I was in Cefalonia island and I loved it very much.
I: Maria, you have studied at Athens University. Did you find particular shops, restaurants, pubs or discos?

M: In ATHENS I was an unusual university student. My time was divided between lessons (I graduated in Marketing and Communication) and volleyball, so I haven't spare time for me just to appreciate the city in freedom and with carefreeness. I like very much the centre of Athens because there are lot of tiny and discreet locals, one next to another. These pubs, as in all the big city, have moments of big explosive success and then they go down and substituted by other more modern that propose something new. I adore a pub inside an hotel facing on Monastiraki Place because you can see the Athens' Acropoli by its balconies.

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