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It's always a pleasure to stay some days in BOSTON, cultural city of Massachusetts and also considered an European city, elegant but original and famous for Harvard University. It's time to dinner and I keep in mind that in this metropolis there is one of the most cool restaurant of the last years, BLUE INC. owned by the Executive Chef JASON SANTOS who is famous also to partecipate in 2010 at the tv show Hell's Kitchen U.S. season 7. He was one of the two finalists to resist the fired pretensions of the big and notorious Chef Gordon Ramsey.
Chef Jason was already an important chef because he was nominated in 2009 Star Chef and in 2010 he had taken the second place of the competition National Taste of Elegance. The blue-hair Chef, which color reflects his whimsicality cooking, is also Executive Chef for the restaurant ABBY LANE placed in the heart of Boston's Theater District, where you can taste handmade cuisine in an alluring and casual atmosphere.
With alacrity Chef Jason Santos replies all the questions:

I: Chef Jason, actually you are the Executive Chef of the restaurant Blue Inc. Boston placed near the Financial District. Can you describe the spirit of the restaurant?

J: It's fun funky and professional with a cool vibe with some whimsicality, full of blue energy. My restaurant is near of New England Aquarium on the Blue Line. You can taste american and genuine food both for lunch and for dinner or you can stop just for a whimsicality pre-dinner.
I: Chef Jason, what are the main courses in your menu that could recommend mostly to a tourist? Is there a typical "Boston food or dish" to eat?
J: Although my menu often changes, my signature dish is DUCK CONFIT with sweet sticky rice, mangos, cashews and coconut milk. 
Our menu changes a lot but the duck always stays. I'm inspired by asiatic and french cooking but without missing american dishes. I would tell you that Blue Inc. is winner of Diner's Choice 2011 and 2012.
I: Chef Jason, apart your restaurants what can you suggest to visit in Boston?
J: I like very much the New England Aquarium, surely a blue recall, that is few miles from my restaurant Blue Inc. and walking into Boston Common, our main park.
I: Chef Jason, in your opinion what is the best period to visit Boston?
J: Boston is a great city because all the season are different and offer several landscapes and feelings so you can visit it in every period of the year but I like spring the best!
 I: Chef Jason, what do you think about italian food? Have you ever visit Italy?
J: I like true italian food, I'm not a big fan of red tomato sauce but anything else I love!
Unluckly I have never visited Italy but I hope to see soon this marvellous State.
To have more information about Chef Jason Santos and book his restaurants in Boston see the links below:

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