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With the following interview I have the pleasure to introduce the young but very notorious top model 100% "made" in Swiss MICHELLE PUTAME. Her angelic face and her undoubted beauty have permitted to win the award of Miss Zurich in 2009 and in the same year she has partecipated to the elections of Miss Switzerland giving her the opportunity to be more considered in Swiss and having new job opportunity both as model and as showgirl.
Apart the fashion contest Michelle is so dynamic and dance lover, infact she actually practises and teaches Zumba and with her energy she decided to answer my questions about travels' world.

I: Michelle, you were born in Swiss but what can you tell us about your home city?

M: I was born in the beautiful city of LUCERNA, placed in Middle Swiss, at the foot of Mount Pilatus but it stands also on the Lake of Four Cantons.
The city is famous above all for its medieval wood bridge which unluckily it had been burning partially but fortunately it has been rebuilding some years ago.
Nowadays for job reasons I have been moving in Zurich where I lived for 4 years.

I: Michelle, how do you consider the perfect day in Lucerna? What do you advise a tourist to visit?

M: There are different solutions to have in this city. As I have already told I recommend surely to have an excursion onto MOUNT PILATUS and not to lost absolutely the KAPPEL'S BRIDGE (Kappelbrücke), the most ancient European covered bridge that brings straight through the city.
Besides I advise to take a ferry and have a trip round the LAKE OF FOUR CANTONS, so called because it is a natural lake that reaches at the same time four different Swiss Cantons.
Finally it's not bad to have a lot of shopping so I recommend to all tourists to buy typical swiss product which consist of swiss pocket-knife (Victorinox) and obviously of watches that have an international reputation (Swatch, Omega, IWC Schaffhausen, Rolex...)
At least but not less important typical swiss speciality for the most gourment it's the excellent chocolate.

I: Dear Michelle, just now that you have spoken about chocolate I ask you what are other typical swiss food that you like to eat and it's normal to find in Lucerna?

M: Chocolate apart, other cooking speciality are cheese fondue or RACLETTE that is a cheese fondue to eat with vegetables, potatoes or other food. I add also RÖSTI that consist of potatoes chopped in little pieces and than fried or MONTANARA MACCHERONI.
One of my favourite restaurant in Lucerna where I can taste all the food I recommended is SCHIFFRESTAURANT WILHELM TELL (
This restaurant is so particular because it's placed inside a boat that is anchored in Lucerna's port.          
Trust me: food is excellent and prices are not so expensive.

I: Michelle, do you think there is a best period to visit Lucerna?

M: I don't mind there is a specific period to visit Lucerna and the same is for all Swiss. The weather is very variable with mild summer and harsh winter. Maybe for who loves winter sport I can recommend to visit Swiss in winter because there are many ski run on our mountains while in summer tourists can have relax spending time on our mountainous landscapes and stay in the luxiarant nature.

I: Michelle, considering the proximity between Swiss and Italy, do you like any place or city more than other?

M: I know very well Italy because I'm married with an italian boy! For this reason I have often visited it and apart Calabria that is the native place of my husband I have been very good impressed by Rome that I consider a very special city. Every time I am in Italy I feel at ease as I am at home.
Finally I admire a lot Michelle Hunziker because she is also from Swiss and lives in Italy and one day I hope to meet and know her personally.    

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