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Once in your life you have the opportunity to visit London and often one of the big doubts you have it consists of researching a good restaurant to eat something. With this interview I would reveal one of the most famous restaurant in London, DOCK KITCHEN, managed by the young and brilliant Head Chef STEVIE PARLE.
The restaurant is in WEST LONDON, opened in 2009 by the very young chef Stevie Parle who at the age of 27 is considered one of the most notorious chef in London, also winner of the OFM Award Young Chef in 2010. Another thing to note is Spice Trip, a six-part Channel 4 Tv series, follows Stevie and spice expert Emma Grazette as they visit some of the world's most exotic countries, including Zanzibar, Cambodia and Mexico, in order to delve deeper into the six spices they see as being key to cooking. The resulting TV series is being shown on UK's More4 at 8pm from Sunday November 25th and the accompanying book "Spice Trip: The Simple Way to Make Food Exciting" is on sale now. Here below the link to find the book on Amazon:
Lamb Biryani

Among pans and food chef Stevie Parle has found lot of time to answer the following questions.

I: Chef Stevie, actually you're owner and Head Chef of "Dock Kitchen" in West London. Where do you take the inspiration for your delicious food and what dishes or main course can you recommend mostly to clients?

S: I take inspiration from my travels and from reading lots of old cookbooks. My chicken livers cooked with 7 spice & pomegranate molasses and my lamb biryani are the two dishes I never take off my menu. There would be an uproar if I did!

I: I know also that your restaurant is particular, can you describe it and the location where it's set up?

S: The building is in an old Victorian warehouse next to a canal. The interior is a collaboration with the British designer Tom Dixon, so it's full of his robust, modern designs. I'm really happy with it.

I: You live in HACKNEY with your family. What are the most important things to do or visit in Hackney?

S: I'd recommend the wonderful food market, Broadway Market on Saturdays, and Colombia Flower Market on Sundays. Hackney has great pubs, cool, hipster coffee shops and lots of tiny restaurants.

I: Concerning your job I suppose you have travelled a lot around the world. Is there a city or a place that likes you most?

S: I'm particularly keen on BEIRUT, I've been few times both for work and pleasure. It's a really exciting city with a fantastically vibrant food scene.

I: Have you ever visited Italy? Do you like a city in particular?

S: I have visited Italy many many times. Whilst I really like the countryside, it's the cities the most. I love Rome in the springs, Palermo in the autumn, Turin in the winter. Whilst I don't cool all that much Italian food in the Dock Kitchen, the confidence and simplicity that you often find in Italian cooking is imbued into my food.

To have more information and book the restaurant "Dock Kitchen" click the link below:

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