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I'm very proud to inaugurate and create my blog IrisViaggiBlog with an interview dedicated to beautiful top model REGINA SALPAGAROVA, international and professional model, born in Russia where she had spent her childhood, even if she moved in Greece for job reasons where she won the award for Miss North Greece 2000 and Miss Playmate 2002 of Playboy greek edition.
With her kindness and statuesque body, Regina Salpagrova gives me the follow interview recommending us the best places she thinks to be worth visiting in Russia and in Greece.

I: Regina, you were born in Russia, what is the thing you appreciate most about your Nation?

R: I want to specify I was born in South Russia, where there are delighful places with strong tradition, where there are lots of cultures, ethnic groups, religions and for all these reasons it's in force and you learn to be permissive with other people and to respect the neighbor, especially children and elderly. An amazing city which I advise to visit is SOCHI, a tourist location on the Black Sea coasts. This city is planning for the XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014, an international event that keeps busy the city for the development of new tourist facilities (Besides SOCHI is nominated also on the site TripAdvisor as one of the best Travellers' Choice 2012).

For the nature lovers I recommend also the area of the Republic of ADIGHEZIA, a region mainly mountainous riched of lots of forest, where you can meet many savage animals. I strongly advice to visit the Natural Reserve of Caucasus Biosphere, an UNESCO Human Heritage, and for the ski and snowboard lovers the famous and renowned tourist city DOMBAJ in the KARACHAJ - CIRCASSIA Republic where you can see amazing mountainous landscapes and there are lots of ski runs for different skiers.
I mention also the highest summit of Caucasus, Mount ELBRUS, high 5.642 m that it always fascinates lots of mountain climbers.
These areas are totally peaceful and a tourist can only find relax and a great hospitality by the people of these lands, moreover in this Caucasus place there is lots of persons over a hundred years old who keep their longevity thanks to the natural and calm life they have.

I: Regina, what do you recommend to eat a tourist who decide to visit these fabulous russian places that you have just nominated?

R: The South Russia gives a countless types of food, chiefly you can eat lamb meat, perfect grilled cook, or you can taste lake fish who you can find only in Russia.
The Caucasus cook offers also many spicy dishes, I personally love a dish named XICHIN and SHORPA, a meat and vegetable broth, and as thirst-quenching drink I adore AIRAN with yoghurt, water, salt and mint.

I: Regina, thinking of what you said until now I figure out that you have a very healthy life, doesn't it?

R: Sure, I practise lots of sport, I'm training myself using the Tisanoreica Fit system and I'm leading a well-balanced diet eating product of Tisanoreica Vita line.

I: Regina, thinking of your experience in Greece, what did you impress so much you want to tell us?

R: I consider Greece, in particular the city of SALONICCO (THESSALONIKI) my second birth place, where for work reasons I had lived there a lot.
I can advise you to visit the greek peninsula of HALKIDIKI, placed near the city of Salonicco, where you can find crystalline water and very thin white sands.

I: Regina, what is it a must that you need to do when you visit Salonicco, the second most important city of the Greece?

R: In Salonicco you can't lose the enchanting walk along the sea and if you find in Aristotele Place you must absolutely stop to drink a good shake breathing the mix air of culture, ancient and modern, an unique experience.
Besides I advise you to have shopping along the classic Tsimiski road. You absolutely have to visit the famous white tower Levkos Pirgos, the city symbol.

I: Regina, after travelling all around Europe, especially for your job, you're actually living and working in Milan. Are there other italian places you like most?

R: Although I'm living in Milan, I adore Venice and Catania, both sea cities.

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